Plaiday allows users to generate short 3D animated videos by providing text prompts. Personalization is a key feature, allowing users to upload a selfie, seamlessly integrating their likeness into the generated videos. Currently free to use on Discord, with plans to expand to other platforms.

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Create Unique and Engaging 3D Videos with Plaiday


  • Users can join the Discord server and type a text prompt in the dedicated channel to generate a 3-second 3D animated video.
  • Personalization is achieved by uploading a selfie, replacing the generated character’s face with the user’s own.


  • Free and easy to use, requiring only text prompts for video generation.
  • Unique personalization feature by integrating users’ likenesses into the videos.
  • High-quality 3D animations are generated.
  • Enables creative expression for users to make customized, fun videos.


  • Limited to 3-second videos.
  • Requires joining the Discord server to use.
  • Does not currently support audio or spoken dialogue.
  • Library of characters, scenes, actions, etc., may be limited compared to some competitors.

Plans and Pricing

  • is currently free to use with no pricing tiers.
  • A freemium model with paid tiers is likely to be introduced in the future.


  • Early reviews emphasize the fun and customization options, with daily avatar drops being a standout feature.
  • Some users mention occasional issues with accurately generating requested scenes.
  • Overall, the App Store rating is 4.2 out of 5 from 69 ratings.


  • provides a unique text-to-video experience with easy personalization through selfies.
  • Despite limitations like the 3-second duration and Discord-only access, the free access and quality 3D animations are impressive.
  • The platform is likely to improve over time, and stands out as an innovative entry in the competitive AI video generation space.

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