DiffusionBee is a stable diffusion GUI app for M1 Mac that allows users to generate AI art easily and locally with a one-click installer, optimized for M1/M2 chips, and runs on the user’s computer without the need for technical knowledge or dependencies

Pricing Model:

  • Features: Offers various AI art generation features like text-to-image, image-to-image, inpainting, outpainting, upscaling, custom models, and more.
  • Pros: Versatile AI art generation, local processing with no constraints, creative freedom with images, and an active support community.
  • Pricing: Completely free to use without any subscription plans.
  • Reviews: Praised for its simple UI, continual enhancements, custom model utilisation, and enormous creative potential. Some critique minimal UI customization and Intel Mac performance.
  • Usage Guide: Allows text-to-image creation, image transformations, inpainting, outpainting, and more for creative image generation.

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