Master piece x

3D creation platform Masterpiece X has been created especially for the modern creators who do not possess 3D modeling skills. It gives an all-in one platform to easily create, modify and share 3D assets through an intuitive browser interface. Key capabilities include:

  • Generate 3D Assets from Text: 3D models of humans, animals or objects can be created by the users with just text prompts to indicate what they want materialized. This is much faster than traditional 3D modeling.
  • Customize Outcomes: A sophisticated “creative slider” function enables adjustment of model variations to suit the desired result.
  • Share and Collaborate: 3D assets generated can be shared through the Masterpiece X Community Library for others to download, reuse and collaborate.
  • Works with Popular 3D Tools: 3D assets are exportable with third-party 3D tools such as Blender and game engines.
  • Accessible from Any Device: No need to install special hardware or software – Masterpiece X uses a mobile browser.

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