• DeepMotion is an AI-based service that offers markerless motion capture of 3D characters from video.
  • 3D Animate is the company’s flagship product that allows uploading videos to create animated characters in minutes without special hardware.
  • 3D animation and motion tracking for digital characters using AI are among the key services provided.
  • 3D Animate supports custom and standard character models; it can generate animations in the formats that are usable by engines such as Unity or Unreal.
  • DeepMotion provides credits for total animation processing by purchasing freemium, monthly subscription and annual subscription plans. More features and priority are given to job processing in higher plans.
  • Users emphasize convenience, quality and promptness of animations. But more advanced features may require a higher level of technical skill.
  • DeepMotion is, thus a high-quality and accessible motion capture solution for non-technical users in general. For high volumes and advanced user features, cost is a limitation.

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