Think Diffusion

  • Think Diffusion is a cloud-based platform that provides easy access to leading Stable Diffusion user interfaces like Automatic1111, Comfy UI, and others through a web browser. It eliminates the need for coding or complex setup, allowing beginners to start generating AI art and videos in minutes.

    The platform runs Stable Diffusion models on cloud infrastructure, streaming the interface to the user’s web browser. This allows accessing the full capabilities of Stable Diffusion without local hardware requirements.

think diffusion
  • Think Diffusion is a cloud-based AI art lab that provides easy access to Stable Diffusion models like Automatic1111 and others through a web browser.
  • It allows generating AI art and videos without any coding or setup, making it easy for beginners to get started with Stable Diffusion.
  • Think Diffusion runs on a pay-per-use credit system with no fixed monthly fees. It offers competitive pricing tiers and lifetime recurring credits.
  • The platform provides fast launch times, taking under 90 seconds to access the Stable Diffusion UI. It also enables running multiple machines simultaneously.
  • Key advantages include simplified UI, fast setup, popular Stable Diffusion UIs, multiple machines, lifetime credits, competitive pricing.
  • Limitations include lack of fixed monthly plans, limited support, and reliance on availability of cloud infrastructure.


User Guide


Getting Started

  • Go to and click on “Get Started”
  • Choose the machine type depending on needed speed and price
  • Create an account with email and password
  • Add credits to account via Stripe or PayPal
  • Launch a machine in under 90 seconds
  • Access Automatic1111 or other Stable Diffusion UIs
  • Start generating images and videos from text prompts


  • Write text prompts to generate images and videos
  • Adjust parameters like image size, sampling steps, CFG scale etc
  • Install extensions like Deforum, Gigapixel AI, and others
  • Save images and videos to Google Drive or local storage
  • Run multiple machines simultaneously for increased productivity
  • Manage all machines from a central dashboard


  • Pay per use with credits, no fixed monthly fees
  • 5 membership tiers based on machine type
  • Purchase credits as needed, minimum $5
  • Unused credits roll over month to month
  • Lifetime recurring credits available for limited time
  • View usage and balance in account dashboard

Key Advantages


Simplified User Interface

The platform provides access to leading Stable Diffusion UIs through a simplified web interface. No complex setup or coding required.

Fast Setup

Machines launch in under 90 seconds, allowing quick access to start creating.

Leading Stable Diffusion UIs

Pre-installed access to Automatic1111, Comfy UI, and others eliminates the need to install locally.

Multiple Machines

Ability to run multiple machines simultaneously improves efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Pay per use structure provides cost flexibility. Tiers based on machine performance.

Lifetime Recurring Credits

Special limited time offer provides lifetime recurring credits for maximum savings.


  • No fixed monthly subscription, must purchase credits
  • Limited customer support compared to paid plans
  • Reliant on cloud infrastructure availability
  • Advanced users may prefer local hardware control
  • Requires internet connection to access platform

Performance Analysis

Independent benchmarks show Think Diffusion provides competitive speeds compared to other cloud services. The platform uses high-quality infrastructure to deliver low latency and fast generation times.

Actual generation speeds will depend on factors like prompt complexity, image size, sampling steps, and machine type selected. Think Diffusion offers a range of machine types to suit different performance needs.

User Reviews

Think Diffusion is relatively new, so online reviews are currently limited. Early reviews praise the quick launch times, competitive pricing, and lifetime credit option. Users mention the convenience of accessing leading Stable Diffusion UIs without setup.

Some users feel the pay-per-use billing may become expensive for high usage. Support for fixed monthly plans in the future could improve cost management.

Overall, reviews indicate Think Diffusion effectively delivers on its core promise of providing fast access to Stable Diffusion without complexity. The platform’s competitive pricing and growing feature set position it as an appealing option in the market.

FAST: A1111

0.59 $ / Per hr
  • SD1.5 16GB RAM | 16GB VRAM

RAPID: A1111

0.99 $ / Per Hr
  • SD1.5 & SDXL + ControlNet SDXL 32GB RAM | 16GB VRAM

TURBO: A1111

1.75 $ / Per Hr
  • SD1.5 & SDXL + ControlNet SDXL 32GB RAM | 24GB VRAM