Sortbird is a tool that offers information about Twitter followers and their audiences. It creates a database of the user’s top followers and then analyses them to provide benefits.

  • The main characteristics include understanding the audience interests, engagement, influencers and dormant users among others.
  • Sortbird offers a free version with limited insights and the premium costs $29 per month for more features It’s easy to use.
  • All you have to do is connect your Twitter account and Sortbird will create a database for you with knowledge about the same.
  • The main advantage is knowing your Twitter audience and followers deeply, allowing you to have more effective engagement with the influencers identified through this process and increase their number. But, a weakness is that the tool currently only applies to Twitter.
  • Supporting other platforms could further increase the usefulness of it. Sortbird reviews are really about the valuable audience insights that can be used both by Twitter creators who need a better understanding of their followers’ preferences.

Pricing Model:

Free Trial Available is very easy to use. Users simply log in, copy and paste their meeting link into the “Record Meeting” field, and joins the meeting in the background.

After the meeting, users can quickly find AI-generated notes, transcripts, and follow-up emails on the dashboard. They can also search for specific details in the notes and transcripts using natural language queries.

Users can customize aspects like note length, content formatting, and email scheduling based on preferences. also offers an AI assistant feature that can answer questions about past meetings. simplifies note-taking by eliminating the need for manual work from users.


  • Saves time – Automates tedious note-taking and follow-up tasks.

  • Increases productivity – Allows users to focus on meetings rather than notetaking.

  • High accuracy – Leverages AI for accurate transcriptions and notes.

  • Easy to use – Simple setup and intuitive user interface.

  • Organized search – Find details easily via natural language search.

  • Sharing & collaboration – Share meetings and notes with teammates.

  • Flexible pricing – Individual and team plans available.


  • Accuracy concerns – Transcription may not be completely accurate.

  • Privacy concerns – Sensitive meeting data stored by third-party.

  • Users report inconsistent formatting in documents.

  • Steep team pricing – $40 per user monthly cost for teams.

  • No free version – Must pay after 14-day trial. Pricing offers a free 14-day trial followed by two paid plans billed monthly or yearly:

  • Individual – $25/month per user billed monthly, $20.83/month billed yearly

  • Team – $40/month per user billed monthly, $25/month per user billed yearly

Both plans include unlimited meetings, transcription, automated notes, calendar integration, email follow-ups, search, and support. The Team plan adds team sharing and collaboration capabilities.

Reviews of reviews on sites like Capterra are very positive overall. The software has a 4.9/5 average rating based on 14 Capterra reviews.

Positive feedback highlights the time savings, organization benefits, automatic contact updates, business card scanning, and email integration.

Negative feedback often addresses small problems such as formatting issues, and some users worry about privacy and accuracy.

Conclusion is an AI meeting assistant that saves teams time with automated transcription, notes, and follow-ups. It offers an easy-to-use solution for streamlining meeting management and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Potential downsides to consider are accuracy, privacy, formatting, and pricing concerns. However, the free trial lets users evaluate effectively before committing. Overall, is a strong option for teams looking to optimize meeting productivity.

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