Palette is an AI-powered online tool that colourizes black-and-white photos with remarkable accuracy and ease of use. Key highlights include:

  • Leverages advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to add realistic, vibrant colors to monochrome images.
  • Offers over 21 color filter presets along with custom color editing using text prompts.
  • Trusted by over 2.8 million users with excellent reviews and ratings.
  • Provides flexible pricing plans, including free access, one-time purchases, and subscriptions.
  • Ideal for historians, artists, photographers, educators, and families to colorize old photos.

Pricing Model:

Free Trial Available

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How To Use

Using is straightforward:

  1. Go to and click “Start for Free.”
  2. Upload a black-and-white image or use an example.
  3. Browse the 21+ color filters and pick one.
  4. Further, customize colors using text prompts if needed.
  5. Preview and download the colorized image.

The interface is simple and intuitive. For best results, provide clear text descriptions of the image content to guide the AI colorization engine.

Advantages has several key advantages:

  • Trusted Accuracy: Realistic, pleasing colorizations trusted by over 2.8 million users.
  • Intuitive Interface: Extremely simple 3-step process needing no expertise.
  • Custom Control: The ability to guide colors using text makes it very versatile.
  • Bulk Processing: Can colorize up to a million photos per day, ideal for large volumes.
  • Privacy: Do not store the user’s original black-and-white images.

“Remarkably accurate colorizations,” “World’s best AI to color B&W photos,” and “In a league of its own” are some of the rave expert reviews.


Potential downsides of include:

  • Limited Image Formats: Only supports JPEG and PNG formats.
  • Mobile Restrictions: Max resolution capped at 9MP on mobile devices.
  • Browser Dependency: Requires the latest Chrome or Safari browsers.
  • No Offline Access: Needs constant internet connectivity.


In summary, is an exceptionally user-friendly AI-powered tool to colorize black and white photos with high accuracy and great customization options. Its intuitive interface, flexible pricing, and ability to handle large volumes make it a compelling choice for both amateurs and professionals alike. Minor limitations around image formats and browser compatibility can be easily worked around. With over 2.8 million users already trusting for colorizing old family photos, historical images, artwork, and more, it is certainly an AI solution delivering on its promises.

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