OpenArt Photo Booth

OpenArt PhotoBooth is an AI-powered web application that allows users to create personalised AI models from their own images, generating hundreds of high-quality, customised photos.

It lets users upload up to 20 images, which are then used to train a custom AI model tailored to that specific set of photos. This trained model can generate new pictures with the same style, content, and attributes as the input images.

The service uses advanced deep learning algorithms like DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion 2.1, Openjourney, and others to handle image generation. It also offers over 300 in-built style packages with 10+ styles in each package to transform images.

Pricing Model:



Personalised AI Models

  • Upload up to 20 images to create a custom AI model.
  • Works for people, pets, objects, anime, etc.
  • Downloadable model checkpoint file for advanced users

Image Generation

  • Generate 400 free images per model.
  • Diverse variations using text prompts
  • Facial enhancement and anime filters
  • Upscale images up to 4K resolution

Creative Styles

  • Over 300 in-built style packages with 10+ styles each
  • Styles include oil painting, sketches, anime, pixel art, etc.

Image Editing

  • Limited built-in editing tools
  • Batch image editing capabilities
  • Simple adjustments to brightness, saturation, etc.

Sharing & Exporting

  • Save generated images to the cloud album
  • Download images as PNG JPEG up to 4K

Pricing & Plans

OpenArt PhotoBooth offers both free and paid plans:

Free Plan

  • One free model
  • 400 image generations
  • One freestyle package

Pro Plans

  • From $10/month
  • Unlimited models
  • 1000+ image generations
  • 50+ style packages
  • Advanced training options
  • Multi-model discounts

Reviews & Reception

OpenArt PhotoBooth has received positive reviews overall, with users praising its creative potential, intuitive interface, and innovative AI capabilities:


  • Intuitive and easy workflow
  • Impressive image quality
  • Creative flexibility
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited advanced editing features
  • Subscription needed for full functionality

Some limitations exist around editing features, and full functionality requires a paid subscription. However, most reviewers found the free tier itself to be quite helpful.


In summary, OpenArt PhotoBooth offers an innovative way for amateurs and professionals to unlock their creativity using AI-generated personalised photos. Its combination of advanced deep learning and an intuitive interface makes creating custom models and transforming images easy and fun. While some functionality lies behind the paywall, the free tier provides good value. As AI technology progresses, more advanced features can be expected. But for most everyday users, OpenArt PhotoBooth is a powerful creative tool in its current form.


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