• Descript is an all-in-one video and audio editing software that makes editing as easy as editing a document or slide deck.

  • Key features include transcription, screen recording, AI voices, templates, stock media, text-based editing, collaboration tools, and more.

  • Descript uses a unique transcription-based editing workflow that generates a text transcript of your video or audio files, allowing you to edit them by simply editing the text. This makes editing intuitive even for beginners.

  • Pricing plans range from free to $12-24 per editor per month for individual creators and small teams. Enterprise pricing is customized.

  • Users praise Descript’s intuitive editing, collaboration features, and audio quality. Complaints cite issues with stability and projects being lost.

  • Overall, Descript provides a unique and user-friendly editing solution suitable for beginners and experts alike. Its transcription-based workflow stands out as an innovative approach to editing.

Pricing Model:

Free Trial Available

Tutorial on Using Descript

  • Upload video or audio files to Descript or record directly into the software. Transcripts are automatically generated.

  • Edit recordings like a text document by editing the automatically generated transcript. Delete unwanted sections by deleting text.

  • Arrange visuals into “scenes” to control when media appears. Add transitions, effects, captions, etc..

  • Share and export final videos up to 4K resolution. Can also export to other editing software like Pro Tools.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Intuitive editing by editing automatically generated transcripts

  • Collaboration tools allow real-time co-editing

  • Large library of stock media, templates, effects

  • Audio enhancement tools like noise removal

  • Support for editing video, audio, podcasts, presentations


  • Some users report stability issues and lost projects

  • Advanced timeline editing features may feel limiting for power users

  • Only available in English currently

Pricing and Plans

  • Free plan: 1 hour of transcription per month

  • Creator plan: $12/editor/month. 10 hours transcription, 4K export

  • Pro plan: $24/editor/month. 30 hours transcription, advanced features

  • Enterprise pricing customized for larger teams

  • Additional transcription can be purchased

Conclusion and Summary

In summary, Descript provides an easy-to-use and collaborative solution for video, audio, and transcript editing. Its transcription-based editing workflow allows intuitive editing by editing text. While some limitations exist for power users, it remains an innovative option suitable for most individual creators and small teams. Pricing is competitive for the features offered. Overall, Descript stands out as a unique all-in-one editing toolkit.

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