DeepZen is a cool AI tool that lets you turn your text into different audio content like audiobooks, ads, and podcasts. It uses really smart natural language processing and speech systems to make it sound like a real human is speaking. They’ve been around since 2017 and they’re really good at what they do!Founded: 2017

  • Employees: 26 (2023)
  • Funding: $4.7M over 3 rounds from 4 investors
  • Technology: Proprietary natural language processing and speech systems
  • Use cases: Audiobooks, advertising, marketing, gaming, education

Recognized for innovation, DeepZen won the “Most Innovative Solution” from Oracle in 2020.

  • DeepZen utilises AI to generate voice replicas of skilled narrators and actors, adding rhythm, stress, and intonation to text.
  • Ideal for digital voice solutions like audiobooks, podcasts, gaming voices, etc., catering to publishers, authors, agencies, marketers, and content creators.
  • High-quality AI narration, especially suitable for non-fiction content, capturing the full emotional spectrum in a voice.
  • Ethical business model: licences voices from narrators and pays them royalties, creating an additional revenue stream for narrators.
  • Distribution partnerships with over 50 retailers and platforms, with plans for indie authors to distribute through DeepZen’s portal.
  • Pricing starts at $35/month for the basic plan, with more advanced plans and customised bulk/enterprise pricing available.
  • Positive reviews for high-quality output and innovative technology, particularly praising the natural and human-like voice quality.


How DeepZen Works

DeepZen’s AI system analyses text, considering context, genre, characters, and more. It applies proprietary speech systems and voice cloning technology to mimic human narration, adding rhythm, intonation, and vocal stress. Fiction may require more editing for optimal results.

  • Fully Automated AI: For quick and cost-effective results.
  • Human Editing Services: Recommended for fiction to enhance AI output.


DeepZen Usage and Quality

Non-Fiction Quality

  • Excellent results with minimal human editing.
  • Natural and human-like vocal quality and prosody.

Fiction Quality

  • Requires more editing for emotional resonance and dialogue flow.
  • Constantly improving voice quality.

Benefits for Human Narrators

  • Licensing voices from narrators and paying royalties.
  • Additional revenue stream for narrators.

Distribution and Sales Channels

  • Distribution partnerships with over 50 major platforms.
  • Soon to allow indie authors to distribute through DeepZen’s portal.


DeepZen Plans and Pricing

  • Professional Plan: $35/month. 2 hours of audio, 1 voice, Voicemaker access. Extra usage at $0.0049/sec.
  • Start-Up/Scale-Up Plan: $169/month. 10 hours of audio, all voices, Voicemaker, API access. Extra usage at $0.0019/sec.
  • Enterprise Plan: Customised bulk pricing with volume discounts, SLAs, on-premise deployment.

One-time $69 fee plus $24.99 annually for distribution set-up.


DeepZen Reviews

Positive reviews highlight voice quality, emotional range, and natural prosody.

  • Goodreads: 4.1 based on 125 ratings
  • Capterra: 4.5 based on 6 reviews

Clients like Lume Books, Legend Times Group, and Yokeru have provided positive feedback.



Are you tired of spending countless hours recording and editing audio content? Look no further than DeepZen! Our AI-powered voice solution offers high-quality, human-like voice output that’s perfect for a wide range of industries and content creators. Even better, our constantly evolving technology means that our synthetic voices are only getting better with time. And with our competitive pricing, ethical business practices, and expanding distribution channels, DeepZen is the clear choice for anyone looking to take their audio content to the next level. Say goodbye to tedious recording and editing and hello to the future of voice technology with DeepZen!